Book of Complaints - Complaint Sheet

If you want to communicate with us, send any suggestion or inconvenience you have. Please complete this form with all the required information, so then we can attend you as soon as possible.

Thanks for helping us to enhance our service.

Bestravel will take the necessary actions respecting of the complaint, which will be informed according to the case.

Information Fields

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Phone - - Ej: 51-1-2138200
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I declare being the owner of the service and accept the current form byt manifesting with affidavit the veracity of the facts described before.


  • Bestravel reserves the right of taking the legal actions in case of verify the falsity or inaccuracy of the declarations made.
  • Claim: disconformity related to the products or services.
  • Complaint: disconformity not related to the products or services; usually, disconformity respect to the public attention.