Travel Guide

Before traveling, rarely one cares to predict in detail the factors that influence radically in our journey, and thanks to these can culminate in a pleasant journey, or spoil the holiday.

Thus, we mention some of the most important factors such as personal safety, travel assistance plans, travel with children and choice of tours, among others.

hope these tips will save them not only money but many disadvantages.

Documentation Traveler

Before traveling check that your passport and / or visas are valid. Be sure to bring your shots and / or tourist cards according to destination on request.

If traveling with children do not forget to check out the requirements for a less Country (notary permits, etc.) .

Personal Safety

Learn and avoid places that residents consider risk area.
  • Do not drive in areas away from the main thoroughfares and always carry a map updated.
  • Avoid carrying items that identify you as a tourist.
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry, watches and flashy items.
  • Bring ineffective: porte traveler's checks, which are replaceable if lost or stolen.
  • When possible, make sure your room at the hotel has security chain plate.
  • Make sure the locks on doors and windows are secure.
  • Keep your valuables in safety deposit boxes.
  • Put the sign "Do not disturb" sign on the door when you are out.
  • Never open the door of his room to receive packages or unexpected visits.

Important Phone Numbers

Always carry numbers:
  • Medical insurance.
  • Airline.
  • Embassy and Consulate of Peru in destination to visit.
  • Travel Agency.
  • Family at home where he lives.

Assistance Plan

It is essential to avoid spoiling our trip to have a care insurance which should include:
  • attention 24 hours.
  • medical coverage in case of illness or accident.
  • baggage service location.
  • Repatriation without limits.
  • Honorary lawyer.
  • Expenses for delayed or canceled flights.
  • Assistance in case of loss of documents.


Make a medical research before leaving. Identify who will visit the Overseas countries require vaccinations and preventive measures that are mandatory or suggested to enter them.
  • Pack an extra pair of contact lenses and carry a copy of your prescription.
  • Wear a medical identification if you suffer from diabetes, allergies or medication, or any other condition requiring emergency care.
  • Take your medications in their original containers to avoid problems at customs.
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables, unpeeled fruit, meat, seafood, water, ice and unpasteurized milk.
  • Drink only bottled water and sealed drinks, or boiled or treated water.
  • Resist the temptation to buy food from street vendors.
  • Check with the airline weight baggage allowance, avoid paying for excess baggage.
  • In many international airports only accept payment of departure tax in your local currency.
  • Certain airport taxes are levied only on arrival.

Travel with children

  • In crowded places always take children with easily recognizable clothes.
  • Set somewhere in the clothes the child his name and the address, telephone number and name of the hotel where they stay.
  • Have on hand contact the nearest doctor.
  • Seek your choice that hotel where you will have plan of activities for children.
  • Bring pediatric medicines to relieve ailments as usual. Stomachache, ears, dizziness, cold or fever
  • On long trips by plane or by car, take the child's favorite toys.
  • Avoid long hours and tired, always try to have rest periods.

Selecting a tourist program

  • We need to review whether or not included in the program offered us.
  • Check carefully the places to be visited during the tour, differentiating those who visit specifically, of those who are on a journey from the bus.
  • Identify optional visits, as these have a separate cost.
  • To study the intensity of the days of travel, as some tours can be recharged days.
  • Always ask for detailed information on payment terms and refund policy should withdraw or modify the travel date.